Phone: (405) 245-1094
Phone: (405) 245-1094

About Hemp Oil/FAQ’S

CBD has many different health benefits. CBD is derived from Hemp, all of the products on our website our legal in all 50 states and are safe for consumption.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is created from high-CBD, low THC Hemp. Medical Marjuana is created from plants that have high THC Hemp. Again, CBD oil is completely legal and completey safe.

What Effects does CBD have?

CBD is excellent for your overall health, it is actually an ingredient that your body needs to function at its maximum capacity. There are no known negative side-effects and only health benefits.

Can CBD make me high?

No CBD has no ability to make a consumer high.

What are different types of CBD Oil available?

To see our selection of products that we have available go to our store page.